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ColorKlad / AlumaKlad product was started around 1968 when Vincent Brass and Copper was approached by BASF coatings to discuss a new product for the metal roofing panel industry – a paint system using a kynar or hylar resin. The superior process created through this partnership was named by Vincent named ColorKlad for the painted steel and AlumaKlad for the painted aluminum.
The trademarked process has been passed down since then through Reynolds Aluminum Supply Co. and later Ryerson and now CMP Metals.
The original impetus for the ColorKlad and AlumaKlad brand was to provide the market with a higher quality of painted architectural metal roofing panel than was available. The Klad paint system is still the preeminent paint system for this application.

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Superior Formability
Superior Warranty & Customer Service Guarantee
30 colors of steel in stock for quick delivery
20 colors of aluminum in stock for quick delivery

Large amount of inventory to provide a quick turnaround
Special order color available
Custom coil and sheet processing available

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